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Sven Homscheid
Hydropower + Renewable Energy Consulting

is an individual company founded in 2013 by Dipl.-Ing. (M.Sc.) Sven Homscheid-Carstens to provide consultancy services for

  • Hydropower Projects,
  • Water Resources Management, and
  • Renewable Energy Utilization.

With its team of collaborators, Sven Homscheid HP+REC advises development cooperation projects, privately owned and government driven projects worldwide.

Services are offered in German, English, Spanish and French.

Our specialty is planning in sensitive areas where balancing economic requirements and environmental and socio-cultural necessities is paramount.

Our objective is to facilitate sustainable development in an intact and healthy environment where humans and nature are seen as unity.

We offer innovative approaches to problems and thinking in holistic concepts for sustainable solutions while yet maintaining a conservative judgement of risks.We assist project owners to successfully implement hydropower and other renewable energy projects from inception to connection, for rural electrification and grid-connected systems.

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Sven Homscheid – Hydropower + Renewable Energy Consulting

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