Kato Hydropower and Irrigation Project, Guyana

Kato Hydropower and Irrigation Project, Guyana

The Kato mini hydropower and irrigation project is situated in Guyana, Region 8, close to the border with Brazil. The project set-up consists of three major components:

  1. The Kato Secondary School
  2. The Kato hydropower plant
  3. The Kato irrigation agricultural scheme

The hydropower plant will use the water from the Kato waterfalls at the Chiung River close to Kato village to provide about 320 kW electric power. The electricity will be used to power the pumping station to lift irrigation water from the river into a storage reservoir connected to a gravity irrigation system. Also, the electricity will be administered to the secondary school to be build, the village of Kato and the 18 km distant village of Paramakatoi.

The project is financed by the European Union and the Government of Guyana.

Sven Homscheid provides services to the project since its initial stage and is currently Employer’s Engineer to the Government of Guyana during the tender and contracting phase for the works.

The services provided to date comprise:

  • Project identification study review
  • Supervision of the feasibility study
  • Assistance for application for EU grant financing
  • Establishment of the tender documents and assistance during the tendering process
  • Assistance during contract negotiations
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