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2015 Guest Lecturer on Hydropower and Marine Energy at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
Employer: Sven Homscheid Hydropower + RE Consulting
Client: University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
Position: Hydropower Lecturer
Project Description:
Since 2013 the University of the West Indies is implementing two different Master of Science programs at the campuses in Trinidad and Barbados. While the program at the Barbados campus is directed towards renewable energy management, the program taught in Trinidad is technology oriented. In April 2015 the course on hydropower and marine energy was offered to the students for the first time. The teaching materials were prepared to teach the subject in a manner that is relevant for the Caribbean.
Responsibilities: Development of course materials and presentations; give lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions.


2015 Technical Support for the Review of the Electricity Supply Act and Related Legislation, Grenada
Employer: Sven Homscheid Hydropower + RE Consulting
Client: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ GmbH
Position: Electricity Sector Specialist
Project Description:
The Government of Grenada is currently reviewing its national energy legislation with the objective to reform the legal and regulatory framework for the electricity sector to eventually reduce the cost of electricity supply and increase the use of renewable energy. The World Bank financed project to establish the Eastern Caribbean Energy Regulatory Authority is providing technical assistance to draft a new Energy Supply Act and secondary legislation and regulation. GIZ is advising the Government of Grenada on technical and non-technical matters to support the development of the new framework setting. Special consideration is given to the technical feasibility of the stipulations in the new documents and the implementation of a smooth and harmonic transformation process.
Responsibilities: Review of the draft ESA and amendment to the public utility commission act; presentation of findings and recommendations to the ministers


2014 Tender Evaluation of the Ruzizi I + II Rehabilitation and Institutional Setup Review, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Employer: Sven Homscheid Hydropower + RE Consulting
Client: Agut Energy Advisory Services GmbH
Position: Hydropower Expert
Project Description:
Financed by the German KfW, the Communauté Economique des Pays des Grands Lacs (CEPGL) through the Energie des Pays des Grands Lacs (EGL) are seeking a consultant for the detailed study and preparation of the rehabilitation of the two hydropower plants Ruzizi I (29.8 MW, 4 x Kaplan) and Ruzizi II (43.8 MW, 3 x Francis) and adjacent substations. Furthermore, two more consultancies are sought for review of the institutional setup of the projects and to provide in-house technical assistance for EGL.
Responsibilities: Review and evaluation of the technical and financial proposals for the rehabilitation services of Ruzizi I + II


2014-2015 Terms of Reference for Electricity System Upgrade Consultancy for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Employer: Sven Homscheid Hydropower + RE Consulting
Client: Agut Energy Advisory Services GmbH
Position: Energy and Procurement Expert
Project Description:
Financed by the German KfW, the Vietnamese power company EVN seeks to hire a consultant for the implementation of a large-scale power grid upgrade in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Agut EAS is contracted to act during the procurement process as tender agent. Key tasks are establishing the terms of reference for the contract, publishing tender notices, evaluating submissions for expression of interest and bids and assist KfW in contracting the selected firm.
Responsibilities: Establish Terms of Reference for contracting a Bank’s Engineer during project implementation


2014-2015 Bankable Feasibility Study of the John Compton Dam, Saint Lucia
Employer: Sven Homscheid Hydropower + RE Consulting
Client: Projekt-Consult GmbH
Position: Hydropower Expert
Project Description:
The John Compton Dam is a drinking water reservoir for the supply of the island’s north with potable water. Built in 1995-96, the 30 m high dam and attached reservoir with its 1.9 million m3 water storage were never equipped with a hydropower facility but offer obvious potential for hydropower generation. The owner of the dam and reservoir, St. Lucia Water Services Company Ltd., has received technical assistance from the GIZ-implemented Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP-GIZ) for the preparation of a bankable feasibility study to attach a hydropower plant to the dam complex at the existing low-level water outlet. The high degree of siltation in the reservoir and the water supply requirements are additional aspects to be considered in the study.
Responsibilities: Topographic survey works, project design, cost estimates, feasibility analysis, registration as CDM project


2014 Concept for electricity supply of the Lethem to Annai area utilizing the Wamakaru hydropower project
Employer: Sven Homscheid Hydropower + RE Consulting
Client: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Position: Project Manager / Hydropower Expert
Project Description:
The Wamakaru Hydropower Project in Guyana is one of a list of 67 potential hydropower projects in Guyana. The Government of Guyana intends to develop the hydropower project to supply cheap and clean electricity to the booming town of Lethem and its surrounding, largely non-electrified villages between Lethem and Annai in Guyana’s Hinterland. To cater for the existing diesel generation station in Lethem and existing decentralized solar PV systems and to ensure satisfaction of all electricity needs, an electricity supply concept for the supply area is required that takes into account the energy sources from the Wamakaru project, the Moco-Moco and Kumu hydropower projects and the demand development in the region. The concept is used to apply for funding for the development of the project.
Responsibilities: Concept design, preliminary electricity demand and social impact assessment, preparation of financing application documents


2013 – 2015 Installation of a Flood Early Warning System in St. Lucia
Employer: Sven Homscheid Hydropower + RE Consulting
Client: Government of St. Lucia; Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology; Water Resource Management Agency
Position: Project Manager, Hydrologist
Project Description:
The Government of St. Lucia seeks to install a flood early warning system and hydro-logical monitoring equipment for water management and disaster risk reduction. One of the objectives of the AusAID-financed project is to re-establish long-term hydrological monitoring stations, expand the local flood warning system and strengthen applications of hydro-meteorological approaches. Based on the existing measuring infrastructure and a needs assessment, a comprehensive hydrometric network is de-signed with priorities assigned to the various gauging sites. High priority will be assigned to flood early warning stations, out of which three sites will be equipped with suitable gauging equipment and public alert systems. A hydrologic software model is established to allow flood forecast and early warning. The project includes a major training component within all tasks.
Responsibilities: Project management, design of hydrometric network, supervision of equipment procurement and installation process, establishment of hydrologic software model, counterpart training, public awareness


2013 Lecturer
Employer: Projekt-Consult, CREDP-GIZ
Client: Guyana Energy Agency
Public Hydropower Lecture
The Guyana Energy Agency considers part of its mandate to raise awareness and build capacity in the field of renewable energy. Under that mandate, the GEA has invited the public to participate a public lecture on the technical background on hydropower technology. The half-day seminar was held in April 2013 in Georgetown, Guyana, to a broad audience of interested participants across all professions.
Responsibilities: Preparation and delivery of seminar


2013 Project Manager
Employer: Projekt-Consult
Client: VINLEC
LED Street Light Pilot Project
Within the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP-GIZ) and with financial support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) VINLEC conducted a pilot project from January till April 2013 in which LED street lamps from 8 manufacturers were tested for suitability to be used in the Caribbean region. Overall objective was to gain experience with different types of LED lamps and to identify particular aspects that are critical for the use of LED lamps in tropical climate. The gathered experience shall then guide future procurement processes and in particular the technical specifications for the substitution of street lights in St. Vincent and the wider Caribbean.
Responsibilities: Project management, coordination of consultants, technical advisory of the client


2012 Hydropower Expert
Employer: Projekt-Consult
Client: Government of Guyana
Tender Documents and Contracting of the Kato Mini Hydropower Project
The Government of Guyana has received funding from the European Union’s ACP Energy Facility for the implementation of the 330 kW mini-hydropower plant at Kato, Guyana, Region 8, and the installation of an irrigation pumping station and irrigation water storage reservoir. The project is the first component of a rural electrification project that comprises a component for electricity supply from a hydropower plant to the villages of Kato and Paramakatoi, an irrigation agriculture component and the establishment of a secondary school for 1,000 students. The hydropower plant with 2 x 165 kW cross-flow turbines will convert the energy of the Kato Falls at the Chiung River for conversion to electricity and administration in the electricity transmission system that is build as part of the project.
Responsibilities: Employer’s Engineer, project management, establishing the design and build tender documents for the hydropower and parts of the irrigation infrastructure component, assistance during tendering and contract negotiations; capacity building of the client’s staff


2008-2013 Technical Advisor, Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP-GIZ)
Employer: Projekt-Consult GmbH
Technical Advisor of a technical cooperation project between the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and CARICOM. The programme seeks to remove barriers for the use of renewable energy and application of energy efficiency in the Caribbean region through government advisory, public awareness and capacity building and the support in implementation of pilot projects. The program promotes renewable energy technologies such as hydropower, wind power, solar power (water heater, photovoltaic and solar cooling), bio-fuels and to a limited extend geo-thermal. In the position as the technical advisor and long-term specialist in the region most technical activities and numerous capacity building, public awareness and government advisory services belong to the responsibilities. Outstanding activities were-           Execution of the pre-feasibility studies of the South Rivers and Richmond hydropower plant rehabilitation and upgrade projects (1.1 MW, 1.7 MW) and the South Rivers Stage 2 hydropower project (new, 1.1 MW) in St. Vincent, the Newtown hydropower project in Dominica (0.2 MW), and the John Compton Dam hydropower plant in St. Lucia (0.2 MW);

–           Project management of the South Rivers and Richmond hydropower plant rehabilitation and upgrade projects (1.1 MW, 1.7 MW) and the South Rivers Stage 2 hydropower project (new, 1.1 MW) in St. Vincent, including environmental impact assessment;

–           Project management of the Newtown hydropower project in Dominica (0.2 MW), including environmental impact assessment;

–           Due diligence and second opinion for the Greater Laughland River hydropower project in Jamaica (2.0 MW);

–           Due diligence and second opinion for the Kato hydropower project in Guyana (0.3 MW);

–           Procurement and installation of river stream gauging equipment in Dominica and St. Vincent;

–           Advisory services for wind park developments in St. Lucia and St. Vincent;

–           Capacity building workshops for hydrometric networks, hydropower development, and energy efficiency in building design;

–           Teacher’s training (St. Lucia, Nevis, Grenada) for renewable energy use and energy efficiency application;

–           Various other project activities with public and private project partners

Responsibilities: Project management of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and the establishment of tender documents; contract management; public awareness and capacity building through workshops and seminars


2011-2012 Hydropower Specialist
Client: DOMLEC, Dominica
Optimization of DOMLEC’s existing hydropower facilities to maximize the generation system’s energy output, including assessment of penstock pipeline and other generation facilities. Analysis of operational methods and suggesting changes in operation and maintenance with special emphasis on preventive maintenance.
Project management, technical and economical analysis of hydro infrastructure and operational practices, identification of optimization potential and reporting; execution of efficiency tests at the hydropower equipment and advising DOMLEC with regards to pipeline inspection works; economic analysis of options and formulation of recommendations and drafting of optimized maintenance handbook


2011 Hydropower Expert
Employer: Projekt-Consult
Client: GIZ / EGEHID Republica Dominicana
Conception of a program to control sedimentation in the hydropower reservoirs of EGEHID
EGEHID is the sole producer of hydro electricity in the Dominican Republic. After several years of operation several of the multi purpose reservoirs fill up with sediments quicker than expected which leads to major loss of storage capacity. First negative impacts of the sediment intake to the turbines were experienced resulting in high wear of the turbine runners and other infrastructure. A concept is required for the management of the sediments in the reservoir. The concept includes a long term strategy, institutional integration and the suggestion of pilot measures to clean the most affected reservoirs.
Responsibilities: Development of the long term strategy; identification of an institutional set-up for a sediment control unit for reservoirs in the DR; development of approaches for the clearing of sediments from the most affected reservoirs; conception of a pilot project for sediment control to be financed by international aid organizations.


2011 Hydropower Expert
Employer: Projekt-Consult
Client: KfW
Conception and review of various designs of mini hydropower projects in Bolivia
The German KfW, through Projekt-Consult GmbH and A&R Bolivia, is implementing the “Programa Energías Renovables KfW” in Bolivia. The program focuses on the installation of mini hydropower plants for rural electrification and meeting the grid demand in rural areas of Bolivia. A total of 6 hydropower plants will be installed by end of the project. Projekt-Consult, together with a local partner, is the supervisor and consultant for the program and responsible for the proper design and implementation of the projects of 28 kW to 1 MW size.
Review of existing designs and design of new hydropower project concepts, including project layout, general design of structures and coordination of project activities; Due diligence to improve the performance of completed projects; General consultancy to the vice-ministry of renewable energies with regards to renewable energy development activities.


2009 Project Manager
Employer: Self-employed
Client: VINLEC
Feasibility Study, Tender Design and Tender Documents of the South Rivers Stage 1 and the Richmond hydropower project rehabilitation and upgrade and the South Rivers Stage 2 new hydropower project, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
The South Rivers and Richmond Hydropower Projects were built in 1951 and 1962, respectively, and are due for overhaul. It is intended to increase the installed capacity and the power output of the equipment in conjunction with the overhaul. Within the feasibility study the technical parameters of the new equipment and structures were studied and topographical survey was prepared. The existing pipelines were inspected and analysed for their re-use in the overhauled plants. The studies concluded that an increase in capacity of the existing plants and the construction of a new, third plant are economically feasible. The tender design and tender documents for all three projects were established.Technical data (after the rehabilitation):

South Rivers: 2 x 555 kW Pelton turbines; head = 104 m; rated discharge = 1.3 m3/s; run-off river scheme with weir, desander, head pond and 2.3 km pipeline.

Richmond: 2 x 815 kW Pelton turbines, head = 104 m; rated discharge = 2.0 m3/s; run-off river scheme with weir, desanding structure; surge tank; and 1.6 km pipeline.

South Rivers Stage 2: 2 x 550 kW Francis type turbine; head = 80 m; rated discharge = 1.6 m3/s; run-off river scheme with rubber weir, desander and 2.5 km pipeline.

Project management of the feasibility studies, tender designs and the establishment of tender documents; contract management.


2009 Project Manager
Feasibility Study, Tender Design and Tender Documents of the Newtown hydropower project, Commonwealth of Dominica
DOWASCO is the owner of a 5.2 km long pipeline that was originally foreseen to supply bulk water from the tailrace of an existing hydropower plant operated by DOMLEC to the shoreline where the water was supposed to be loaded onto ships. The pipeline was built but due to water pollution was never used as water supply line. The project studied the possibility to use the pipeline for the purpose of hydropower generation.Technical details: 1 x 220 kW Francis turbine; head = 108 m; rated discharge = 350 l/s; run-off river scheme with weir, desanding structure, 5.2 km pipeline and powerhouse.
Project management of the feasibility study, tender design and the establishment of tender documents; contract management.


2009 Hydropower Expert
Employer: Projekt-Consult GmbH, CREDP-GTZ
Client: Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ)
Due Diligence of the Laughland’s Greater River Hydropower Project, Jamaica
The Laughland’s Greater River hydropower project in Jamaica is in its feasibility stage. Several studies have been made over the years on this project with the latest being done in 2009. CREDP-GTZ was asked by PCJ to give a second opinion to the existing feasibility study and to review the study’s results in order to identify the optimum project configuration to be implemented.The project comprises a weir structure, desanding structure, 2.3 km pipeline of 1.4 m diameter, a powerhouse with two Francis type turbines; installed capacity: 2 MW; rated discharge: 2.6 m3/s; rated head: 105 m;
Review of feasibility study, hydrologic and hydraulic design, economic analysis


2009 Hydropower Expert
Employer: Projekt-Consult GmbH, CREDP-GTZ
Client: Government of Guyana
Employer’s Engineer / Due Diligence of the Kato Mini Hydropower Project
Kato is a small village at the Chiung River in the West of Potaro-Siparuni (Region 8), near the Brazilian border. The proposed hydro power and irrigation project for the Chiung River is to be located between the Amerindian villages of Kurukabaru and Kato. The small scale hydro facility is designed to provide electricity to the population and to pump water to create farmland by artificial irrigation, supporting local economic development, livelihood enhancement and security. The village has a population of approximately 250 households which are very scattered over the village’s area. Kato village is not connected to the national electricity grid. Small solar panels are installed in order to supply several buildings, such as the shop, the police station, the hospital and the school. The proposed hydropower plant is supposed to provide the village with continuous electricity supply that would enable economic development. The proposed hydro power plant consists of a gabion core weir with an intake structure, a desaning structure, a headrace canal and subsequent penstock and a powerhouse. The suggested technical data is:Installed capacity: 330 kW; turbine type: cross-flow; design discharge: 1.0 m3/s; design head: 36 m.
Advising the Government of Guyana in technical questions; representing the Client at the field trips; review of the feasibility study, establishing of documents required for financing through the European Union Energy Facility


2007-2008 Project Engineer and Project Coordinator
Employer: Lahmeyer International GmbH
Feasibility study, tender design and tender documents of Sabaloka, Dagash and Mograt Hydropower Projects, Sudan
Sabaloka, Dagash and Mograt hydropower projects on the river Nile; Type: run-of-river hydropower plants, bulb turbines, concrete spillway with radial gates, lateral fill dams, navigation lock (Sabaloka), Sabaloka: P = 170 MW, H = 8 m; Dagash: P = 280 MW, H = 14 m; Mograt: P = 150 MW, H = 7 m; Tasks: review of existing feasibility study, preparation of (updated) feasibility study, tender documents for geotechnical site investigations, project tender design, establishing tender documents; Client: Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) of the Government of Sudan
Project coordination; Backstopping for geotechnical investigations; Conceptual design; Review of existing feasibility study; Coordination of the preparation of feasibility studies;


2007 Project Engineer
Employer: Lahmeyer International GmbH
Expansion plan study and related services,
MRA – Malta Resources Authority, Malta
Strategic advisory / planning of the medium and long term expansion of the generation system under consideration of technical, economic and environmental aspects as well as the energy sector’s regulatory framework

Scoping for renewable energy sources; site survey and cost assessment for infrastructure components


2007 Hydropower Expert
Employer: Lahmeyer International GmbH
Site Surveys for Small Scale Hydropower Plants, Albania
Identification of feasible hydro power sites in Albania; Type: run-of-river HPPs, bulb turbines, concrete weir with gated spillway, weir heights: up to 15 m; installed capacity: up to 15 MW; rated head: up to 12 m; Tasks: preparation and conduction of site visit at Vjosa river in southern Albania, selection and evaluation of probable sites, evaluation of basic conditions for renewable energy; selection and ranking of most promising sites, economic and socio-economic assessment of selected sites, assessment of expected revenues; Client: private investor
Preparation and conduction of site visit; conceptual design; socio-economic and cost assessment; evaluation of basic and legal conditions for small hydropower; economic evaluation; reporting


2005 – 2007 Project Engineer
Employer: Lahmeyer International GmbH
Mambilla Hydroelectric Project, Nigeria
Hydro power project; Tasks: review of existing feasibility study and establishment of bankable feasibility study, establishing of the Tender Documents; Concept: 3 reservoirs interconnected with tunnels; dam heights: 86 m (RCC), 79 m (CFRD) and 75 m (CFRD); installed capacity: 1,300 MW (first stage), 2,600 MW (second stage) in underground powerhouse; rated head: 950 m; mean flow: app. 60 m³/s, 100-yrs flood: app. 880 m³/s; reservoir storage: 4.6 x 109m³; spillways: gated and ungated spillways with flip bucket, water transfer: app. 30 km tunnel
Civil design, value engineering, project coordination, hydraulic calculations, reporting, hydrological review, reservoir operation review, hydraulic review


2005 Project Engineer
Employer: Lahmeyer International GmbH
Munda Multipurpose Dam Project, Pakistan
Multipurpose Dam Project: power production, irrigation, flood protection; Task: feasibility study; Type: dam type: concrete faced rockfill dam, height: 198 m; installed capacity: 740 MW in underground cavern; Swat River: mean flow of app. 250 m³/s, 100-yrs flood: app. 4,000 m³/s; reservoir storage: 1,200 Mm³, dam volume: 14.6 Mm³; spillway: gated spillway with flip bucket, design discharge: 10,050 m³/s
Flood hydrology, preliminary hydraulic design of spillway structures, cost / benifit analysis of river diversion, reservoir routing computations, hydraulic computation of river water levels


2004 – 2005 Design Engineer
Employer: igeo GmbH
Renaturisation of four weir structures at the Holzbach, Germany
Deconstruction and renaturisation of four weir structures at the Holzbach in the German low mountain range; Characteristics: mean flow of Holzbach river: app. 7 m³/s; 100-yrs flood: app. 75 m³/s; Objective: deconstruction of three weirs, conversion of another into a fish ladder and renaturisation of adjacent river runs, establishing of flood retention and reduction of flood water levels; Tasks: design, establishment of proposal forms, preparation of tender documents and site supervision including billing; Client: District Government
Supervision of survey works, hydrology, hydraulic and structural design, reporting


2003 Design Engineer
Employer: igeo GmbH
Renovation of the Weir of a Mini Hydro Power Plant in Mayen, Germany
Mini hydro power plant, run-of-river power plant; tasks: survey of the existing facilities, design of a renovated weir for water diversion into the power channel; estimation of hydrologic data; flood analysis; structural design; estimation of quantities and costs; preparation of tender documents; consulting of owner; Client: private investor
Hydraulic design, flood analysis


2002 Design Engineer
Employer: igeo GmbH
Construction of a Mini Hydro Power Plant at the River Nette in Mayen-Hausen, Germany
Mini hydro power plant, run-of-river power plant; tasks: review of existing documents; proceeding of survey works; development of hydrological basics; hydraulic design of all structures; estimation of quantities and costs; preparation of legal permission documents; reporting and presentation including public participation; Client: private investor
Hydraulic design of weir and intake structure, design of channel impounding, preparation of AutoCAD drawings


2001 – 2002 Design Engineer
Employer: igeo GmbH
Feasibility Study of a Mini Hydropower Plant at the Salm River in Kluesserath, Germany
Economic analysis of the reactivation of an old mill with existing rights for water use; estimation of hydrological basics; proceeding all required survey works; choice and sizing of the appropriate machinery considering economy; computation of water levels in the upstream and downstream waterways; estimation of the annual power production and it’s financial benefit; installed capacity: 30 kW; mean flow of Salm river: app. 3.9 m³/s, 100-years flood: app. 80 m³/s; Client: private investor
Proceeding of survey works, establishment of hydrology, hydraulic and structural design, survey of legal framework conditions for RE and SHPP, reporting and presentation (Diploma Work I)



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